I am pleased to launch the new website in line with our growth and expansion since we commenced business some 20 years ago. The latex glove business has been the driving force to provide as part of the overall healthcare services to our customers worldwide, stretching from Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Australasia. We have started with one single product that was the in high demand in the years we started our production, but gradually we have embarked on the production of other latex gloves meeting with the demands of the years came by.

Bolstered by the growth in the demand of the latex gloves, we have sought to build new factory as our original factory could not sustain the marketing growth. And in so doing, we have launched Factory 2 strategically located near to the toll exit of the Malaysian Plus Highway. And recently we have included Nitrile Examination Gloves to boost our product range.

And the pledge by the Management, Staff and Work force is the backbone of our continuing growth and success in the coming years. I wish to express this heartfelt gratitude and warm 'Thank You' with the launch of this new website.